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lock it

Product Name : lock it

lock it is a smart bluetooth keyless padlock that removes the hassle of carrying the keys along with you.
lock it’s sharing feature allow to share the lock it with friends and family to easily access the assets at ease.

Product Design Specifications


We were in the situation that many of us have been, where using the padlock seems to be easy but managing the physical keys seems tough over a period of time for multiple assets that we own. We had an idea to create a padlock to avoid carrying physical keys as well as allowing the access to the assets to right people at right time under the control of owner.

Bringing lock it to life

We came up with the set of following specifications
1. lock should be keyless with traditional look and feel.
2. Ability to provide the mechanism to replace the coin cell once the battery is           drained out by opening the lock.
3. Design in such a way that lock should be waterproof , IP66
4. To ensure, that if bluetooth device is not around by, then it should open via morse code i.e. short long combinations on lock.


1. Integration of a large number of electronic components in a small form factor.
2. Design of a completely waterproof product, IP66.
3. Numerous parts and mechanisms to design and manufacture.



We trial and tested new designs until finally creating a fantastic prototype and manufacturing files to go and make the product a reality. We did 3D printing and CNC machining for some of the parts in order to validate the electromechanical fitment check.

There were challenges involved while designing the product in terms of availability of the electronic components like motor to be fitted in such a small form factor and make it work seamlessly.

We faced issues in identifying the right vendor for the manufacturing of the product. We provided them with the right manufacturer at right time to bring the product out in market quickly.

Technology Support

Firmware Development

1. Hardware designing was the challenging part as user has limited scope in terms of size of the PCB. We designed the schematics and developed the PCB in such a small form factor to accommodate all the requirements of user along with bluetooth module, motor driver module and battery management.

2. Firmware development was to be done, keeping in mind the customer’s requirement of long lasting battery life. We designed the hardware in such a way that it allows the lock it to have minimum 1 year battery life on CR2032 coin cell.

Mobile App

1. We helped creating the robust application named lock it ( that helps to open the lock it padlock. User can handle multiple locks into the account, can share the locks to friends and family for easy access and view the logs of who ,when and where opened the lock it.

2. We optimised the application to allow user to unlock the device in bluetooth range withing 1-1.5 seconds.

3. We developed Android app for client and IOS is under development.


Helped client in production of various mechanical components by connecting them to right vendors.

Took care of production of PCB and procurement of BOM components.

Customer Feedback

We at Innovura Technologies are very proud of this project, and the reviews have been very positive. We have tabs on this product to go the distance, so watch this space!


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