There is no set format when it comes to the product design and development process because all invention ideas are different. However it is important to understand the typical product design process and stages ahead before you embark on the journey. This will come from discussing the idea with experts at INNOVURA TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. Along with understanding the process and time implications you will also need an idea of costs of designing your product idea. As the design has not yet been fully conceived it is impossible to quote exact costs but estimates can be given based on the type of product, size and complexity.

What we Do?

Idea Generation

If required, this stage is where we carry out high level research, brainstorming, technical investigations and create rough physical mock ups for testing. When there are unknowns that need to be understood and explored before the product can start to be designed as a whole this is where the process will start.

Concept Design

Many projects begin here. This phase involves creating several variations of the product to explore options such as functionality, style and manufacturing process. It is recommend that 3 different concepts are produced to give a range of ideas and maximize innovation before further developing the chosen design options.

Concept Development

The chosen concept can now be further developed in terms of engineering in order to be ready for physical production of a prototype. Detailed 3D CAD models of parts are created and required components are sourced and specified.

Prototype Construction

The developed concept is now built into a physical prototype in order to test the design and identify areas to improve and further development. Often this involves 3D printing but other production and fabrication processes are employed to suit each project and material requirements.

Prototype Development

The CAD design is updated in line with changes identified during assembly and testing of the prototype. Once complete, these updates may require new parts to be made or rebuild of the prototype required. Several prototypes are often required in order to refine and perfect a design ready for mass manufacture. Note that stage 4 – prototype construction often needs to be repeated to test the developments.

Manufacture Design

With the product proven and working we can make adjustments to the design to allow for mass scale manufacture processes to work effectively. This can also be backed up with specifications and a pack of 2d production drawings. Everything you need to have your product manufactured by your preferred factory.

Production Assistance

Help with finding, selecting and communicating with manufacturers and factories. From obtaining production cost through to supporting and advising as the first batch as come off the production line.

Benefits of Product Design And Development

  1. We have experience of end-to-end prototype development. For details, visit our prototype gallery
  2. We offer a review of your idea free of charge
  3. You retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits
  4. All information shared is 100% confidential

INNOVURA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED provides low cost product design, product development, prototyping and 3D CAD services. We specialize in working with clients all over the world. Offering assistance to individuals, start-ups and established companies, with a product idea requiring development or existing product ranges that need improving. Our goal is to deliver great product ideas to market.

Our experienced team will guide you from concept design through to prototype and manufacture drawings.

Bring your invention design ideas and product development projects successfully to market with INNOVURA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED.