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The BUZZ – The most stylish and multifunctional Widget!

The Buzz

Concept Design, PCB Design, Firmware, IOS & Android App developed by Innovura Technologies. 

Buzz is a smart widget that acts as an intelligent personal assistant for everyday use. Its compact and convenient design makes it easy to attach it to any object. Built with versatility in mind, Buzz connects to your smartphone and strikes a perfect balance making it very reliable. Buzz will delight everyone at what it does. 

Ideation Phase: 

The customer requirement was very sketchy in the beginning more around the smart tracker. With further discussion with Innovura Technologies consultant, the requirement was frozen as a smart widget (a combination of tracker plus configurable button at the center).

The Buzz

Challenges perceived by customer: 

Our client was initially worried about how he would need to go through different vendors for different requirements and then how the client would manage the integration. With Innovura Technologies, the client realized that it is a one-stop-shop for all the ideation to reality needs. 

Our designers do not think solely about form & function but make every effort to design to ensure cost efficiency, seamless user interface, ease of manufacturing, and serviceability. With this thought, the BUZZ was designed to have the right shape, form factor, and functionality 

Key features of BUZZ 

Buzz Family – 

The Buzz

This feature allows buzz users to connect with other buzz users through the ‘Family’ feature in the app to find your device if lost. 

The approach used by Innovura Technologies is to get the customer’s idea into reality:

The Buzz

Our Design Process brings the designers, engineers, Prototype technicians, and often the clients together to ensure efficiency. 

The resultant products hit the market in months and not years. 

Buzz – One move Many actions

The Buzz

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