When the final design of ‘lock it’ emerged in the year 2019, it seemed to be a simple yet powerful design of a long-awaited entry into the security segment. However, many do not know the hardships and the minor battles that went behind the scenes to bring out a comprehensive and successful product to the end user.

At the inception, the company had hardly any people for conceptualizing the framework. The days were spent in hunting for the right people, people who had the right spirit and zeal to work for a common goal.

Resources were few and the path long. The stage of concept development was slow but steady.
Nevertheless, this did not sway the initial dream of the founders to get going.

The major challenges faced were in prototype construction, prototype development, manufacture design and final production. As the company had limited access to companies that provided end to end solutions, it could prototype only a few parts. Another hurdle was limited knowledge of materials at each stage, which led to delays in complex stages.

Vendor identification, achieving accuracy of the mold, validating mold designs, failure to release drawings on time, etc. were some of the significant junctions in the journey that required great attention and detail.

Eventually in the final production stage, issues were taken care of in the setting up of validation process and proper test jigs that led to the convergence of a dream into a reality.

All along the journey we collaborated with the right people and managed to build a team to cater to the various issues faced during our sojourn. This brought forth a pathway towards an apt network that could realize our dreams together and create products for the greater benefit of the users. Together we gave birth to Innovura Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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