Why flutter is the best platform to make hybrid apps?

Most people are unaware of what hybrid apps are, how they perform, etc. They also don’t know its advantages over other types of software products. As a result, they stick to native or traditional applications and limit their growth. This is why we are here, with a brief introduction to using flutter for hybrid apps.

With the increasing demand for state-of-the-art applications, it has become imminent for every business to hire Flutter developers. It must suffice most needs and ensure to deliver consistent performance throughout. There are several types of applications that have emerged in recent years. However, the introduction of the hybrid concept changed the world completely.

Flutter for hybrid apps gets things sorted out, but what are Hybrid Apps?

The Android OS and iOS feature separate components and interactive modules. This is why most applications developed are specific to the platforms. Software developed solely for the iOS platform won’t be able to operate on the Android OS and vice versa. When developers need to develop a single application for multiple platforms, they need to work on different codes.

These codes have the same functionality. But their components, programming language, structure and process services are different. They need to align with the requirements of the concerned development platform. As it can be quite difficult and inconvenient to proceed with multiple code development for a single app, the use of hybrid apps came into existence.

Hybrid applications are nothing but software products developed to run on different OS but with a single code. A developer needs to come up with a single code piece. Using that, one can deploy all the features and code blocks into different OS servers. Once deployment is complete, the application will be available for the users.

As a result, you will be able to cater to many audiences with ease. When you want to upgrade any existing code block, you can opt for changes in both OS or a single one.

Some of the real-life examples of hybrid applications are: 

  1. Instagram, the top social media platform, is one of the best examples of hybrid applications. One can easily access it from iOS and Android OS without using any special software adapter.
  2. Gmail is a great example of a hybrid application. It has proven to be one of the best apps that one can use on both website and mobile platforms.
  3. Twitter is also a hybrid application as you can use it across many platforms with use.

While hybrid apps have proven to be the next-gen software products in the technological world, we cannot deny their limitations. There are a couple of challenges that one must address before even trying to use Flutter for MVP development of the hybrid app.

What makes flutter ideal for Hybrid app development and why choose Flutter for hybrid apps?

In this below section, we shall explain why an app development agency usually prefers to use the Flutter framework for hybrid applications.

  1. Even though hybrid applications were once restricted to the mobile, Flutter has diversified the concept. Now, you can develop an application for web and mobile, Mac OS and Windows, and so on after you hire Flutter developers.
  2. Flutter comes with outstanding widgets that will help you introduce customization and come up with the perfect application that will meet all your needs.
  3. Your application will be scalable, and you can easily change the codes on the fly to meet the market and consumer demands.
  4. The hybrid applications on Flutter will be highly secured.


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