Want to have the right RPA for each of your business process ?

What we Do?

RPA Consulting

Its good to have good looking website but that’s not enough it needs to be the driving force of your business. At times it may need to integrate with your CRM or other business applications. Out team at Innovura Technologies have immense expertise to have custom development and 3rd party integrations.

Automation Design

Innovura Technologies automation experts help you map manual process that requires automation. They further design the automation architecture and if needed develop custom automation framework.

RPA Implementation

We design and develop bots using AI, ML and cognitive services for process automation. Our RPA experts then orchestrate workflows, governance and rollout validation.


Our support team helps you with bot management , failure and disaster recovery.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

  1. Improved Productivity
  2. Improved Quality
  3. Improved Customer Services
  4. Improved Compliance
  5. Cost Savings
  6. Significant Process improvements
  7. No disruption to underlying systems
  8. Led by Business
  9. Highly scalable and agile and easily adapt to changing business requirements
Business process automation

Digital workforce for mundane tasks. Human workforce for value added tasks. Enter an office of any corporation of your choice and you will see dozens to hundreds of qualified and educated individuals performing mundane and repetitive tasks on their computers. Examples include copy-pasting information from a document to another, re-entering data into multiple systems or simply maintaining records in an excel sheet.

Tasks executed by humans are also prone to errors. Mundane tasks tend to bring boredom and reduce employee motivation.

How about making these individuals focus on tasks that really add more value to the organization?

An organization needs RPA to replace their skilled and qualified human workforce with a digital workforce so that they can be deployed to perform more value-added work which a bot cannot perform – e.g. Product Design, Strategy, Customer Engagement or handling exceptional scenarios that a bot cannot. By handling over mundane tasks to a bot, companies can make their human workforce more motivated and focused on value-add work.