Looking to Innovate? We have a team of experts who will give maximum options for wide range of ideas.

What we Do?

Concept Design

Many Projects begin here. This phase involves creating several variations of the product to explore options such as functionality, style, and manufacturing process. It is recommended to have 3 different concepts which are designed and produced to give a range of ideas and maximize innovation before further developing the chosen design options.

Manufacture Design

Post successful prototype of product, it needs to undergo design for manufacturing changes for mass scale production processes to work effectively. This is backed up with specifications and production drawings. Everything you need to have to kickstart production.
PCB schematics Design: Incase of a Smart Product, a PCB schematic is a simple two-dimensional circuit design showing the functionality and connectivity between different components. PCB designs, on the other hand, are three-dimensional layouts that indicate those components’ locations once you know your circuit works.

Benefits of design research

  1. Concept Generation
  2. Design verification and validation for Concept Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design and last but not the least UI/UX for the end Product from web/mobile app
  3. Rapid Prototyping
  4. Hardware schematic design
  5. Concept refinement
Design Research

Innovation is, without a doubt, seems challenging but at Innovura Technologies with our vast experience with our own products and products developed for our customers, we have created a process which makes Innovation not only easy, but also faster GTM- (got to market) and allowing businesses to have high ROI. Our team of experts not only help you ideate but also helps in design, prototyping and manufacturing for mass scale. It is not the strongest species who have survived but the one you have the ability to adapt to changing ecosystem. For free consultation get in touch!