Want to increase your business opportunities with innovative IoT services?

What we Do?

Strategy Driven IoT

Identify pain points and needs across the corporate and define multi-functional transformation initiative with IoT as key enabler.

Business Driven IoT

Identifying pain points and needs of multiple BUs and defining integrated solutions across business value chain.

Technology Driven IoT:

Identifying pain points and needs of a specific business unit or a product line and defining prospective solutions.

IoTified assets

Enabling devices to sense, communicate, network and produce information & secure communications between devices and cloud.

IoT data Platform

Enabling secure data ingestion, management, and syndication. Enabling multi-tenant application and analytics platform & enabling exploratory data science.

Apps & Analytics

Enable customer defined business application or micro-service. Enterprise Integration & enable analytical models to generate business insights.


  1. Identify business pain points that IoT can resolve
  2. Industry insights and Benchmark
  3. IoT roadmap inline with business outcomes
  4. POC plan, technology and roadmap
  5. Build - IoT device, gateway, connectivity and security
  6. IoT platform - Data Storage, Device management, Data science workbench
  7. IoT application and analytics
  8. Integrating IoT with rest of the IP landscape.
  9. Platform hosting and micro services

Benefits of Internet of Things Consulting, Strategy & development and research

  1. Improved business insights and customer experience
  2. Cost and Downtime reductions
  3. Efficiency and productivity gains
  4. Asset Tracking and Waste reduction
  5. New business models
Internet of things

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) may sound complex, but in actuality, is a fairly simple concept to understand. On a very high level, IoT is the ability for things that contain embedded technologies to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with other things, thus creating a network of physical objects.

Innovura Technologies and team of experts have not only consulted and designed smart products for our customers but also architected IOT-backed web portal, android and IOS app.

FOR OEM’s: With the Internet of Things, manufacturers can give each of their physical assets a digital identity, enabling them to know the exact location, condition, and usage of their assets in real time throughout the supply chain.

  • Gain insight into customer usage and device performance to improve future products
  • Open new opportunity to monetize value added service around product usage
  • Better insight into supply chain management
  • Ability to update products in the field to enhance capabilities and extend lifecycle

For Consumers: Consumer adoption of connected devices such as smart appliances and wearable devices is rising. Today, more than 30% of consumers already own or plan to purchase an in-home connected device in the next two years according to a report by Acquity Group. Some of the key benefits connected devices provide to consumers are:

  • Ability to remotely monitor and control devices for peace of mind
  • Improve energy efficiency of household devices
  • Extends lifecycle for products, through the ability to update
  • Ability to integrate multiple connected products for improved customer experience
  • Ability for products to manage themselves