INNOVURA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED specializes in schematic capture and PCB layout design services for cost-effective hardware development solutions. Our expertise includes high-reliability and high-availability designs featuring remote management, high-speed signaling, and aggressive time-to-market timelines.

What we Do?

Feasibility Study

  • Economic feasibility (e.g. financing, cost framework)
  • Technical feasibility
  • Resources and availability (e.g. man, machines, areas, material and time)

Functional And Requirement Specification

  • Performance of a requirements analysis
  • Definition of functionalities
  • Determination of system requirements

Circuit Development

  • Analog and digital circuits
  • Wireless data communication
  • Programmable logic
  • Integration of microcontrollers and digital signal processors

PCB Layout

  • Placement of components
  • Rooting
  • 3-D modeling
  • Panel creation
  • Manufacturing documents
  • Bill of material lists

Testing & Validation

  • Board bring up
  • Hardware test plan and test cases

Reengineering And Product Optimization

  • Cost optimization of components
  • Technical analysis of existing assemblies
  • New development of assemblies
  • Reproduction of assemblies

Customer-Specific Test And Inspection Systems

  • Development of test and inspection concepts
  • Development of system tests
  • Creation of test procedures
  • Carrying out climate tests

Construction Of Prototypes

  • Material management and procurement
  • Time- and cost-optimized prototype manufacturing
  • Manual and optical quality control

Benefits of Schematic Design, Embedded Engineering And Prototyping

  1. Low cost and effective design
  2. Quick turn around time to market
  3. 3d Prototypes for PCB
  4. 3d drawings to validate mechanical enclosures and fitments
Embedded Engineering

Innovura Technologies is a hardware development company that emphasis on creating smart products with Innovation as its core.
Our customers receive state-of-the-art products that meets the highest requirements as well as optimal traceability and works efficiently and reliably.
Right from the beginning, hardware and software development work together closely. A constant exchange of ideas ensures goal-oriented work and a solution-oriented result. Our well-defined engineering methodology helps in reducing time to market without compromising performance. YOU IDEATE, WE CREATE.