Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Application is a Popular in Fashion Industry

No one is unaware of the buzz mobile applications have created in the world with the help of a mobile application development company in India. The mobile applications have left no industry untouched. If we talk specifically about India, it is the fastest-growing mobile market in recent years. Over 19 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2019. India is a mobile-first market with 93% of all internet minutes spent via mobile. (Reference)

In this blog, we will focus on one industry where Mobile Applications have become a popular choice; the Fashion industry. As per the statistics of Business off Fashion, the fashion industry has witnessed a growth of about 2.5-3.5% in the year 2017, which was about 3.1% in 2016.

The fashion world is dynamic and it keeps changing day by day. One thing might be trendy one day and outdated the next day. With more and more e-commerce mobile applications being created for business at android application development companies and ios app development agencies, the way we shop has clearly changed. And this has also created a great impact in the fashion industry as well. Be it a businessman or a professional designer in the fashion industry, mobile applications developed by a decent mobile application development company in India has provided them with a platform to reach out to a larger audience. On the other hand, the customers are able to witness a grand range of collections in just one place. 

It is evident that the fashion industry has reaped great benefits from mobile applications. Let’s go further to understand the major benefits of having a mobile application if you are in the fashion industry. 

1. Better Reach and Visibility 

Suppose you are a fashion designer and you’re about to launch your new collection. If you have an interactive mobile application that you have developed with the help of a mobile application development company in India, what could be a better place to create buzz and awareness about your new collection. Millions of consumers are constantly on their phones and you can raise a lot of awareness through mobile applications. Even with the mobile application, they can purchase the apparel as per their liking. You can also integrate options like add to wishlist, an interesting product catalogue and even add exciting offers while getting your fashion app created by either an ios app development agency or android application development company. This will grab more eyeballs from your targeted customers. 

If your launch is coming very soon, you can consider flutter mobile application development as flutter gives you access to simple cross-platform mobile app development tools that are designed to save you time and reduce the complexity of developing android and ios apps at the same time.

2. Increase Sales 

With a great reach, mobile applications allow you to reach the right set of customers-which also means that there are higher chances of sales. With the easy functionalities like adding to cart the clothes you like, showing relevant options as per customers’ browsing history of browsing, you can make sure that the customer makes a purchase. Popular fashion brands of apps like Myntra for instance have created great profits simply with a mobile application. 

3. Personalized Alerts and Notifications

With innovation and technology, you can connect with your customers in a personal manner. By understanding their past purchase, you can also send them personalized notifications and messages about the types of clothes they prefer, upcoming offers and new collections, etc. With the day to day notifications,  the customer will remember you and there will also be great increases in your loyal customer base.

4. Demographic Centric Targeting 

With big data and analytics that are available to us, fashion brands can amass the customer data through mobile applications and use it to their advantage. A major reason for having a mobile application built by a mobile application development company in India is that it allows you to collect data and know from what part of the country or world they belong to. It also helps interpret what kind of products they prefer and the pattern of their purchase. This data can be very crucial to the target audience of a particular location. Many brands are focusing on creating mobile apps with such features to tap the customers in the most unique ways to enhance their current sales. 

5. Mobile Apps x Social Media

Mobile apps cannot work alone. Social media is also advised to be integrated with mobile apps as it can create remarkable results. By integrating social media you can interact with your customers through unique communication. You can share videos, interesting reels, posts, stories with quizzes and even provide some giveaways. Integrating social media can also allow influencers to share and talk about your products and they can easily direct them to your mobile application. There are several ways through which you can exploit the power of social media along with your mobile application. 


Fashion brands can benefit to a great extent by investing in mobile applications. It can enhance the customer experience and your visibility. If you are looking for a fashion mobile application then you are at the right place. Innvoura has great expertise in building flutter mobile application development along with developing android and ios mobile apps on other platforms. Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can take your fashion brand to new heights.

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